SHAKE 5 Premium Pure Whey Protein Shake Mix – Dark Chocolate Raspberry Rush


SHAKE 5 is an easy to use, premium meal replacement shake made from the highest quality pure whey protein isolate.

We MICRO-BATCH every bag made-to-order to ensure the HIGHEST QUALITY + FRESHEST ingredients, as well as the MOST DELICIOUS flavor!  Ideal for both men and women looking to see FAST FAT LOSS results or goal maintenance.

Did we mention it tastes Ah-Mazing?!

[approx. 10 servings per bag]

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HOW will drinking SHAKE 5 Pure Whey Protein Shakes help me LOSE WEIGHT + Keep it OFF?

Increasing protein intake will increase your metabolism and help to maintain your muscle mass, all of which helps with fatburning. In fact, your body burns more calories when you eat protein than when you digest either fats or carbs.


  • Smooth, creamy + delicious with only 95 calories and 2g sugar
  • Controls hunger and cravings for up to 3-5 hours
  • No “deprivation” feelings!!  Enjoy a dessert-like shake every day, + so many FLAVORS to choose from!
  • 16g premium pure whey protein helps you build lean muscle when combined with exercise
  • SUPER CONVENIENT!!  Can be made with a BLENDER, or a SHAKER BOTTLE, or just STIR with a SPOON!!
  • Tastes Ah-Mazing when made with water or your choice of milk, or blended with frozen fruit to make DELICIOUS protein smoothies!

BURN CALORIES + BOOST ENERGY with Every SHAKE 5 that you Drink!*

Every MICRO-BATCH is formulated with our proprietary Fat + Calorie Burning Blend.

Most meal replacement shakes don’t fill you up enough to get you to your next meal. NUTRIBOOST Protein Enhancement Blend(TM) helps to make you feel full for longer, acting as an appetite suppressant that also boosts your metabolism + helps you burn more calories + fat even in a resting state.

Additionally, SHAKE 5 provides the essential nutrients + amino acids that your body needs to fuel your workouts + build sexy, lean, toned muscles!


Try out all the Ah-Mazing FLAVORS!

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>> SHOP all SHAKE 5 Flavors >>


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