Santa Monica Cleanse Co

The goal was simple . . .

to make JUICING + CLEANSING a simple part of our lifestyle.  As constantly on the go career oriented people, we repeatedly ran into the same problem over and over again: how can we REALISTICALLY make HEALTHY EATING a part of our grab-and-go lifestyle?  Over the past decade we’ve TRIED EVERYTHING from hiring personal chefs to surviving on takeout to (eek) actually making and prepackaging our own meals!  All this resulted in a lot of wasted food, excess calories consumed and more sluggishness than even Starbucks could fix.  As many people who travel for work will agree, jet setting may be glam but it’s nearly impossible to take food with you and just as hard to stick to a diet.

JUICING + CLEANSING are longtime passions that we share and have incorporated into our lifestyles, because lets face it nothing works quite like doing a cleanse to lose weight fast!  The internal health, anti-aging and weight loss benefits are phenomenal and have been used by celebrities and health gurus for ages.

The key to any successful lifestyle change is to make it PRACTICAL + SUSTAINABLE, and although juicing + cleansing is more accessible than ever now as a part of pop-culture, we felt it just wasn’t made EASY ENOUGH yet.

Don’t get me wrong, waking up to drink kale and celery is an awesome aspiration in life.  But let’s face it some of us don’t LOVE drinking mixes that taste like grass, or quite frankly don’t choose to spend our precious spare time perusing the grocery isles or local market.  Some of us just try to make sure we eat the baby carrots in our fridge before the expiration date.  There are enough time sensitive deadlines to stress about in life and it seems as though the more things we try to remember the more we actually forget (women – there is now an app to remember your cycle for you…) which can leave life feeling like a blurry timeline.


For everyone LIFE IS ABOUT PRIORITIES and the goal is to create as much BALANCE as possible while striving for what we REALLY WANT in life.  When we RE-IMAGINED juicing + cleansing we put the priority on LOOKING + FEELING GREAT, HASSLE-FREE.  We believe life should be spent CHASING YOUR DREAMS, not worrying about counting everything you ate today or how you’re going to lose 10 lbs.  So set your mind on your AMBITIONS and leave the NUTRITION to US!