Trendy 2020 Wedding Dress Styles for every Bride

With the spring of 2020 approaching, designers are unveiling every look a bride could want from the infamous princess look to the millennial jumpsuit.  These dresses have everything a pinterest board could want with the classy, sassy, and in between.  

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>> Of course, having to start with a classic, the princess dress.  This spring’s styles show a boho chic vibe that’s simplistic but edgy enough to suffice any bride.  

This Vera Wang has a dramatically low cut neckline with tulle coming together on the skirt forming the perfect, classy, boho chic look for any spring wedding. 

>> Although, understandable that a hot off the runway dress may not be for everyone, stores like Davids Bridal has plenty of designer options including Vera Wang.  

This dress also features the low cut neckline with a different ball gown technique that ruffles tulle in a whimsical way that will add an extra flare to any special day.

>> Going to a sleek and sexy look, spring 2020 will bring anything a bride could want.  Silhouettes are simple and classic, showing the perfect amount of yourself, managing to accentuate your best assets.  

One of my personal favorites has to be this solid white T-back dress with a small black bow on the back.  This dress (on sale *wink wink*) from David’s Bridal is perfect whether you plan on a destination wedding, a reception dress, or anything in between. 

>> Nordstrom features this simple silk dress in their bridal suite editorial, which displays a neckline that’s modest but sexy in the best ways for those collar bones (we all love a good collar bone)! The slit adds an extra oof that allows the expected white dress to be taken to another, unforgettable, level.  

>> Lastly, for the off the wall bride that wants an unforgettable impression whether it mean revealing, big, or something beyond anyone’s imagination.  Dresses this year are shear, low, and loud, so get ready for a treat that’ll wow anyone at your reception! 

This dress is basically like wearing stained glass, but make it sexy.  The V- neck, the mermaid silhouette, the shear accents, you can’t be negative about this dress.  I mean maybe make a grandma cringe a little in the ceremony, but screw it, it’s your day babe! Plus, if you’re wearing this dress, you better own it!! 

>> Say hello to a show stopper and goodbye to typical dress standards in this Nordstrom featured dress.  No one will see this coming as you walk down the aisle in the statement dress of the century. The beautifully shimmering stars say it all as this makes you the star of the show more so than you already planned on being! 

No matter what dress tickles your fancy, you’re sure to have a day that is 100% you.  Spring 2020 is obviously calling your name so get shopping and I’m sure whatever you find will be beautifully you in every way.  Not to mention, between you and your dress who can stop you from slaying your day! 

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