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  • 3-Day CLASSIC Cleanse

    Combines delicious SUPERFRUITS with the Fat-Burning power of PROTEIN

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    Just GOOD!
    JUICING + CLEANSING are longtime passions that we share and have incorporated into our lifestyles. The internal health, anti-aging and weight loss benefits are phenomenal and have been used by celebrities and health gurus for ages.


    • 3-day CLASSIC Cleanse

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    • REBOUND Day After Rapid Recovery Cleanse

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  • WHY Cleanse?

    • Rid EXCESS

      This can lead to: a SLOW Metabolism,  POOR digestion + absorption,  EXCESS Hunger + Cr…

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    • Turn up METABOLISM

      Each day on the 3-Day CLASSIC Cleanse you start your day with a SHAKE-5 Anti-oxidant Protein Food Sh…

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    • Push RESET

      The primary purpose of a CLEANSE is to put your body in a controlled state where your cells begin to…

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  • Testimonials

    • I did this cleanse 2 times before my daughter’s wedding and it helped me lose the 10 lbs that I wanted to lose for my dress to look smooth and to feel comfortable. It’s TRUE that it gets harder as you get older to lose weight!!! I used to be able to lose 10 lbs so easily when I was younger. This is actually the first time in years that I’ve been able to get these 10 lbs off and keep them off! So I’m very happy with my results from this cleanse and everything tasted good too. I plan to do it every few months now to help keep my weight down.

      Karen S.
    • This 3 day cleanse is AWESOME! I’ve tried all juice cleanses before and they just don’t work for me. I was so hungry and grumpy before and I think I drank too much juice anyway. I tried it for a few days because it’s supposed to be really good for you and to help lose weight, but I only lost like a pound and I don’t think it was worth it. On this cleanse I felt GOOD and had really good energy AND I LOST 5 lbs WOO HOO!!! And I didn’t feeling like eating everything I could find afterwards – I stuck to the diet for after the cleanse and have kept losing weight over the past weeks.

      Sophia L.
    • I did this (3 day cleanse) with my girlfriend before we went on vacation in Hawaii. I lost 9 lbs on it and she lost 6. We both eat pretty healthy and are active. But I wanted to lose a few lbs before the beach, and we stayed at an all you can eat / drink resort so… Actually I think we should have planned to do another one when we got back LOL. But everything tasted good and I wasn’t very hungry on it.

      Ben E.
    • This cleanse was SO easy to do! I really liked how simple it was – nothing complicated to prep. I am super busy all day long at my job and so I loved that I could just sip the juice and shakes and take the fat burners and keep going!! I had a couple people ask me about it from work and I completely recommended it to them. I will definitely be doing this again soon – thanks!

      Kristi B.
    • LOVE this cleanse! Easy and Juice + Shakes taste FAB = down 3 lbs after day #1 and full of energy from the natural fat burners! On most cleanses, I am worn out. But not on this one!!

      Mary Jo R.
    • OMG I LOVE THIS CLEANSE!!!! This juice seriously tastes great, and the shakes are amazing. I started it and the first day I was a little hungry but I got over it, and then I woke up the next morning and got on the scale and was like ‘are you serious’ because I was down 4 lbs already!!! I had to get off the scale and check again to make sure it wasn’t lying. SO MOTIVATED now keep eating healthy + workout to get to my goal body!

      Tania L.
    • I’m NOT craving FOOD now after this CLEANSE! I did it after a week of hosting house guests and basically eating out or ordering pizza every night. So I needed to get back on track!! On the the cleanse for 3 days I was NOT HUNGRY at all. I had NO CRAVINGS for bad foods, had tons of ENERGY too. Everything tastes great, it was SO easy. I dropped 7 lbs and am going to do another one to get to my goal weight by next week for an important photoshoot.

      Tom R.
    • Being on this cleanse was a LOT better than I was expecting! I didn’t break out AT ALL which I usually do so that was rad. I was not hungry, like AT ALL!! But I did miss chewing lol. All in all, the cleanse was GREAT + I’m definitely doing it again!

      Sara B.